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FoodTruxx is the most feature-rich food truck app ever developed.

FoodTruxx users can find, favorite and stay updated in real-time to food trucks in any city in the United States.

Food truck operators can share, update & push their location, specials & schedule with one-click from their iPhone or Android phone.

FoodTruxx was designed from the ground up to easily and effortlessly manage your food truck’s digital presence.

  • Update your location on-the-spot
  • Schedule a location/event weeks in advance.
  • Automatically update your location on Facebook & Twitter – Coming Soon

Giving diners a ‘real-time heads up’ keeps your guests informed and helps create brand loyalty.

  • Build a loyal dining community
  • Increase community awareness
  • Update your dining community with real-time push notifications

The FoodTruxx app was developed to make it simple to keep your diner informed of your schedule… ALL IN REAL-TIME!

  • Update your schedule daily or weeks in advance
  • Utilize FoodTruxx Push® to notify your diners of schedule changes…in real time.
  • Automatically update your location on Facebook & Twitter – Coming Soon

Unlike the majority of food truck apps, the FoodTruxx platform lets any truck in any city put themselves on the map.

  1. Create your FREE FoodTruxx account
  2. Populate your food truck info & add your city
  3. Set your schedule & location


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